Am Team List

Mar 11, 2012, 2:48:00 PM

  After a worldwide search we have finalized our Lucky Scooters Am Team. These are riders who we feel are good representatives at the intermediate level. Over time we plan to support these athletes as they continue to grow to the professional scooter rider level.

   As a whole we have 14 international Am riders.

Cristian Castro USA 

Ryan Gant USA

Jake Charters USA

Jamie Gantz USA

Baird Newbern USA

Bobby Pantano USA

Andrew Young USA

Travis Minion USA

Cameron Radunovich USA

Zach Johnston USA

Jake Sorensen USA

Tom Mattingly USA

Duana Barber Australia 

Darcy Atlavilla Australia 


As you are traveling around you may never know when you come across a Lucky AM.