Rider's Playlist | Lucky Scooters

Feb 3, 2014, 1:38:00 PM

  Lucky Scooters- David Martinez

This week's rider's playlist is coming from the one and only Lucky Scooters title team rider, David Martinez from Brooklyn, New York. This dude rides hard, fast and loves to hit big things on his scooter. When I asked him What his 5 favorite songs to ride to were and why those were his favorites, all he had to say was Passion Pit because it pumps me up to hit crazy gaps. Check out David's rider's playlist and see if there are some tracks you like!

1.Take a walk- Passion Pit

2. sleepy head- Passion Pit

3. carried away- Passion Pit

4. moths wings- Passion Pit

5. the reeling- Passion Pit




"All of these songs are from passion pit and all of these songs pump me up to ride and do crazy gaps!"


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